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Test Automation Frameworks – (You must know!)

The Creating Experts Automation Frameworks Training Test Automation Frameworks – (You must know!)
Test Automation Frameworks – (You must know!)

Automation Frameworks Training

Test Automation Frameworks – (You must know!)

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What is a Framework ?

Instead of providing a bookish definition of a framework, lets consider an example.

I am sure you have attended a seminar / lecture / conference where the participants was asked to observe the following  guidelines –


  •    Participants should occupy their seat 5 minutes before start of lecture
  •    Bring along a notebook and pen for note taking.
  •    Read the abstract so you have an idea of what the presentation will be about.
  •    Mobile Phones should be set on silent
  •    Use the exit gates at opposite end to the speaker should you require to leave in middle of the lecture.
  •    Questions will be taken at the end of the session.


Now what is a TEST Automation Framework ?

A set of guidelines like coding standards , test-data handling , object repository treatment  etc… which when followed during automation scripting produce beneficial outcomes like increase code re-usage ,  higher portability  , reduced script maintenance cost  etc. Mind you these are just guidelines and not rules; they are not mandatory and you can still script without following the guidelines. But you will miss out on the advantages of having a Framework.

What are the various Automation Frameworks available?

1) Linear Scripting

2)The Test Library Architecture Framework.

3)The Data-Driven Testing Framework.

4)The Keyword-Driven or Table-Driven Testing Framework.

5)The Hybrid Test Automation Framework.


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