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Selenium Automation Testing – Introduction

The Creating Experts SELENIUM, Selenium Training in Chennai, TESTING Training Selenium Automation Testing – Introduction
Selenium Automation Testing – Introduction

SELENIUM Selenium Training in Chennai TESTING Training

Selenium Automation Testing – Introduction

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Software testing -http://docs.seleniumhq.org/

Automation testing Framework - Main Qualities

1. Reliable
2. Repeat
3. Reusable
4. Maintainability

1. Paid tool  - QTP, Load, Test...
2. Open source - Selenium, Jmeter.....

Selenium - Components

1. IDE
2. RC 
   - thoughtworks  - java script(client server) - deprecated no more support 
    Jason Huggins  2004

3. Webdriver  = google -Simon stewart =2008
4. Grid

 selenium Supports - web based applications, mobile app(Android, Iphone)

 supporting browser: 
   firefox, ie, chrome, opera, safari, 
   html driver(headless mode), android, iphone

 latest version selenium : 2.41, 2.42.2

  selenium can support: Java, c#, ruby, phyton

  Add on tools/ S/w : 
    Java installed, configured
    Fire fox browser(auto update stop)

  Locating elements:  1. url
                      2. text box
		      3. buttons.... 

  Using firefox with add-on tools:

   1. Firebug
   2. Fire finder
   3. ide
   4. Xpath checker

We can locate an element by using the following:

 1. Id
 2. name
 3. Class
 4. xpath
 5. Link
 6. Dom
 7. Css

<h1>  </h1>
<h2>  </h2>
<div id=uname Login Id >
<div id=pass password  >
<a id=signin Login     >


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